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Running speed and agility are part of many sports, for football players the two couple with endurance to create a power-packed football player. Pro footballers and elite athletes need great reaction/reflex time, and raw power. HEATON Coaching’s football trainers work with athletes using the SAQ – Speed Agility and Quickness technique that improve your lateral, linear, and horizontal movements, ground force reaction time, brain signal efficiency, spatial awareness and motor skills.

Must-Have, Key Skills for Pro and Varsity Footballers

You can choose to work with us on one-on-one per hour sessions or in a group. Our aim is not just on improving your body acceleration but deceleration methods. Let’s breakdown the seven primary skills or characteristics all football trainers and football player must actualize. We’ve group some together as they work in cognizance with each other.

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Strength and power.

Self-explanatory. Here you are in the middle of the field facing off opponents as powerful as you in one-on-one battles. What else would be your primary skill? Power and strength are two indispensable characteristics for any successful football player.

Balance and coordination

The first thing a football coach evaluates in all potential football players is their basic movements.  Great balance and coordination are necessary skills for footballers. Having a strong core (your powerhouse muscles) is effective in helping players make powerful moves across the field: this means building yup your powerhouse muscles starting at the bottom of your ribs down to the top of the hip and all the way to the bottom of your pelvis.

Speed and Agility

Analyze what changes football games in seconds. An athlete’s skill at speeding up or slowing down and stopping in split seconds in any direction can make or break a win. Agility allows you to move quickly and easily around the field. Optimizing both, improves your performance as a pro footballer or varsity player. Plus they lower your risk of injury. Speed and agility are natural abilities, and can be bettered with training.


It’s your mind over matter ability. Your mental strength is part of your endurance. It’s also your strength to go on despite stress, fatigue, or other mental or physical discomforts and difficulties. That is not just your physical fitness that comes into play here, but how you make it through the entire 90 minutes.

HEATON’s SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) Training

The definition of speed, for football coaches and trainers, athletes or players remains the same. It is exactly how quickly your athlete moves from point A to point B in a forward facing direction. HEATON Coaching’s focus on speed drills are calculated to improving starting ability, stride length and rate, as well as the sprinting technique itself.


Agility for a football athletic trainer isn’t just an athlete’s ability to move fast, but their ability to change directions in split seconds. Agility differs from speed: being agile needs a player to be able to accelerate and decelerate constantly. For this players must develop a strong core for balance and stabilization since the game requires athletes to change directions suddenly while moving at top speeds.


Quickness is a player’s reaction and response time in relation to a given stimulus. Reaction time is essential in football, as plays develop quickly and only end just as quickly. Plus there are huge, strong mountains of power running all about the field. No matter what position you play, on the team, your football athletic trainer will be monitoring how quickly you react to any stimuli. Your quickness is key to your ability of making the play.  Players can strengthen quickness through speed ladder drills and box run steps, amongst other practices.


HEATON Coaching’s SAQ training program consists of professional football athletic trainers helping you in increasing muscular power in linear, horizontal and multi planer movement. It also increases the body spatial awareness, motor skills and reaction time. Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) drills are for athletes, and football or athletic trainers too, but footballers get the best benefits from improved balance, quicker feet, and a faster reaction time. This is exactly what we want you to achieve: your best.

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